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At it's core, NickServ is just like 'signing up' for a forum; it is a tool to let you reserve, recover, and keep control of a particular nick or set of nicks. It is very worth registering your nick! This cannot be stressed enough; it's free, easy, and means that nick is yours and can't be randomly taken away. If you don't register your nick, and someone else on the server does while you're away, they technically got it fair and square.

Nicks will time out if you don't identify to them within 90 days.

All NickServ commands are done by /msging it various keywords. You can call up a help menu, with links to individual help pages, by using /msg NickServ HELP. For all the commands below, don't include brackets in the actual command.

/msg NickServ REGISTER [password] - Registers a nick for you, with that password. Lower and upper case does matter; user is different to User. You can add an email after the password if you like, but Lunarnet does not consider this a necessary step.

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password] - Assuming you got the right password for the nick you're on, this makes the server recognize your identity. You may not have to do this if you were on the nick recently (ie, you switched off it for a half-hour.)

/msg NickServ GHOST [nick] [password] - To manually boot a dead client - i.e. your previous connection is still running, thus preventing you from using your nick - use the command above, specifying the right nick/password combo, to have it forcibly removed from the server. This is also the step to take if someone is squatting your nick.

/msg NickServ LINK [nick] [password] - This is used to link several nicks together to the same user. If you wish to let the server know that user and User belong to the same person, /nick to one of the two names and enter /msg NickServ LINK [OtherNick] [OtherNick'sPassword]. From then on the nicks are linked, and you won't have to identify when switching between them.

/msg NickServ DROP - If you don't want a nickname any more, identify to it and use this.

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD [password] - Change your password.

/msg NickServ SET KILL ON or QUICK - The easiest way to prevent your nick being sat upon, this will give you protection; if you use ON, then anyone who doesn't identify after a minute has passed since they /nicked will get killed off-server. Quick gives about 15 seconds. Do remember that the server will happily boot you off if you forget to identify, though.

ChanServ also exists; this effectively does the same thing but for channels rather than nicks, reserving them and setting up permanent topics or auto-ops. Starting users do not generally need ChanServ, but any user can /msg ChanServ HELP if more information is needed.


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