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Ports 6667/4444/7029 SSL
Eldrasia - UK:
RPGCafe - US:
Obsidian - CA:
Castleheck - US:

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Raijin - Based in Coventry, England. / /
Ports open: 4444, 6667, 7001 and 7029 (both SSL only)
Raijin is the successor to Eldrasia, which began life as a buggy leaf server that went down daily; somehow, over the course of 6 years, it has managed to become the stable hub of the network. The admin is not quite sure how.
Stelas - Administrator
A graduated computer scientist from the UK, Stelas came to Lunarnet in 1999 and has since stuck with the network through thin and thin, moving from regular user to server admin to network admin, Eldrasia having been connected to the network in 2000 and made hub in 2001.

Ark - Co-administrator
An electric guitar dipped in wine and played ever so eloquently with the dong of God.

Sozz - Co-administrator
Her school/work schedule, combined with secretive behaviour, often makes the Sozz very difficult to spot in her natural habitat. Patience, perserverance, and Memoserv will make finding this elusive creature far easier, althoug one might also search #Vagrant for 'oot', 'Bot' or 'zzz' and leave her a message there.

Nishi - Operator
Nishi comes from #campfuckudie and is actually terribly proud of her channel. This should tell you everything right there.

RPGCafe - Based in New Jersey, USA. /
Ports open: 4444, 6667, 7001 and 7029 (both SSL only)
RPGCafe has been a leaf server since the winter of 2001, and is still going strong. The staff at RPGCafe do their best to be available (or at least contactable) as much as possible, and keep the server happy and healthy. The admin has been on Lunarnet since it's conception, and is considered a wise guru with secret arts in ninjitsu (...I lied about the ninjitsu part).
Lucca - Administrator / Owner
She is the admin of RPGCafe, and has been on Lunarnet since it's conception. She is considered a wise guru with secret arts in both Lunarnet lore in ninjitsu (...She's totally lying abot the ninjitsu part.).

Bahamut - Administrator / Maintainer

TrueBlue - Operator

Obsidian - Based in Alberta, Canada. /
Ports open: 6667
A home-run box based in Canada, Obsidian joined the network mid-2003.
DooM_GazE - Administrator

Chubbzilla - Operator

Castleheck - Based in Texas, USA. /
Ports open: 4444, 6667, 7001 and 7029 (SSL only)
A recent addition to the network, Castleheck is headed up by the owners and maintainers of the Verge game creation system.
McGrue - Administrator

Gayo - Operator

vecna - Operator


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