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Lunarnet's rules are mostly based around the core ideals of netiquette and a good dash of common sense, and as such the best advice the staff can give as to whether a situation is an offence or not is to use your head. If you wish to see the official rules of a server, they will be displayed in the MOTD file, listed when you first log in or recallable with the /motd command.

That said, some clarification may be necessary for some rules, as follows:

No harassment - This should be damn obvious, and blankets a wide range of activities. Floodbots, clonebots, spambots, advertising and all manner of miscellaneous nasties can fall under this header and may be punishable however the staff see fit, but please make a note of the fact that situations confined to one channel are a matter for the channel founder and operators of that channel to make the decision as to what should happen to the perpetrator.

No public trading of porn, warez, or similar files - While the transferral of files over DCC is done by directly connecting to another user and is thus is a private matter not related to the running of or the responsibility of the IRC network as a whole, we would ask that users not publicly display fileservers or similar systems containing illegal material.

Bots are allowed - ... as long as they follow rules. Again, this will in most cases be a matter for the relevant channel founder, but bots outside of any channel that advertise, spam, or otherwise attempt to flood or harass may be subject to punishment.

Punishments are meted out according to the preference of the particular staff member that deals with the problem; if a user wishes to dispute a given call they may either by visiting the staff channel at #lunarnet or sending an email with details to (mail).

Should you somehow - because we're really very patient - manage to piss a staff member off enough that you are k-lined from the server and the decision is upheld by the staff as a whole, please remember that while Lunarnet is a free service it is a privately-owned one, and as such network admin decisions on matters involving access to the server are final. Bans and klines can be disputed by contacting the admin team, methods of which are listed under 'Getting Help'.


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