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These aren't rules; rarely are matters of netiquette things that would lead to banning or banishment - at least, not from the server as a whole. They are instead a broad set of guidelines that can help you to get the most out of IRC without, say, pissing off a channel op and getting your ass booted. The cardinal rule is, as in the Network Rules, to use your head. Most of the fundamental principles of netiquette are pure common sense.

Some of the primary rules are listed below with a little explanation. As ever if you have questions or comments, the network ops are available in #lunarnet and can generally answer questions without too many lines of ascerbic attempts at witticism.

If new, lurk and learn.
Not so much common sense as intelligence-gathering, this, but it's a very useful step; if you're new to a channel and coming into it for the first time, one of the best tactics is to keep quiet for a while, figure out the tone of the channel, the topic, and the important people, and you'll be better girded for battle, so to speak. Compare blustering into a channel talking about anything and nothing to lurking for a couple of hours then adding relevant commentary to the conversation. It's worth it.
Watch your language.
This is not to say 'Don't swear', though some channels may take issue with that as well; instead, bear in mind that by the 'rules' of netiquette, the native language of the channel should be the one used throughout. But, as a counterpoint, try not to be a spelling and grammar pedant - at least, not if you can't make some good innuendo out of it. IRC servers are frequented by people for whom English isn't the natural language, and they may not be 100% at it.
Fun with scripts.
Try not to go overboard. In moderation, colours and ascii art and suitable other decorative or informative scripts can be amusing, useful, or engaging, but many users do not want to see that 100-line ascii art every 20 minutes or be informed in 50 different colours at once whenever you've left your IRC window alone for 10 minutes and have auto-afked. (This rule of netiquette self-evidently does not include the admin making Services dance the can-can. Honest guv.)
Begging is bad.
If you go into a channel, don't go begging for ops or whatever else; chances are, unless you're a regular or it's a very lenient channel, you won't get them and may get quite the opposite. Remember, for all intents and purposes channel founders and ops are the last word when it comes to their channel; if you're banned from a channel with good reason there's no point coming to the network opers and complaining; there is nothing we can do.


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