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Getting Help

Having a problem? Fortunately for you, we're very helpful people.

Connection Problems
A variety of methods to solve being unable to connect are listed on the Connection Problems page linked on the sidebar.
Channel Problems
If you find something that a user is doing within a channel offensive, such as spamming, being insulting, or whatever else and you're not an operator of the channel, you should first approach the operators of the channel asking them to sort the problem out in whatever way they see fit. If no operators are available then joining #lunarnet and asking a staff member will also work, but first and foremost decision goes to the channel owner.

If you find yourself unable to enter a channel due to being banned or otherwise blocked, again, your starting point should be the channel owner and/or operators. You may ask a staff member to look into the situation in case of error (i.e., too wide a ban has accidentally caught you) but do not expect them to overturn the ban if the owner upholds it.
Non-Channel Problems
If someone is offending you outside of a channel, be it spamming in msg, harassing you, or squatting your nicknames, join #lunarnet and inform the staff of what is going on, and someone will help you as soon as possible. Please note, however, after a number of cases recently we must remind people to register their nicknames if they wish to be assured of keeping them! Refer to the Services Help page for how to do this.

Generalised IRC or Services Help
The staff will, if asked, help with IRC client problems or general Services help, because we're nice like that. If you need to know how to do something regarding IRC matters but can't find what you're looking for amidst help files, let us know.

When All Else Fails / The Bottom Line
Generally speaking most problems can be solved by contacting the staff directly, be it via the email at the bottom of this page or by joining the #lunarnet channel.


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