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Lunarnet has been around in some form or another for upwards of twelve years; initially a cluster of channels moving from network to network, it finally began to gather it's own servers in 1998 with the introduction of; quickly the network grew to three servers with void as the hub. This continued for two years, with a variety of leaf servers being added and dropped.

A sudden bout of staff abuse forced rapid reorganization of the network in 2001, at which point it settled into the stable form it currently remains in, with Eldrasia and RPGCafe being major staples of the server list while other servers sprang up and down.

At present, the network consists of four servers, one in the UK and three in North America; the network is reliable and quiet with little in the way of inter-channel disputes, harassment, or advertising and virusbots; an unprecedented period of stability for the network.

Network Charter

At present, the network prides itself on, above all else, a friendly and reliable staff base who perform tasks in an informal manner. There is no point in staff being faceless people idling around in one or two channels; instead policy is to attempt to draw staff from all channels in such a manner that every user personally knows at least one member of the staff. This method of staff selection has several major advantages: firstly, any user has at least one corresponding staff member who is easy to approach and who in turn knows the channel and can quickly get a grasp on both the situation and which users are more likely to be trustworthy or problematic.

The approach towards user punishments and staff commands is similarly informal and relaxed; staff work off a rough system of offences and punishments but are free and trusted to supply their own limit of severity - within reason - on punishments meted out. Similarly, seeing one staff member /kill or otherwise mess with another or provide a user with an amusing vhost as an act of benevolence is not uncommon - above all else we feel that an IRC network should be relaxed, informal, fun, and drama-free.

A major facet of the aforementioned user punishment system is a strong belief in the separation of channel affairs and network affairs. Should an offence be confined solely to a particular channel - say a harassing user or a flood - then while the staff may be called in to provide a quick solution if a channel op is not present, it is ultimately entirely up to those channel operators and the founder in particular as to what is done regarding the problem, fully outranking the server staff in the matter. The network staff as a whole should only have to step in either when no channel operators are around, or when the problem is no longer simply confined to one channel.

Communication with users is deemed similarly important; rarely do faceless warnings of downtime or other events inspire confidence in the users as regards the staff and their approachability. Instead, staff prefer conversational tone and an excess of information and, where applicable, loud shouting and swearing at their servers.

Above all, the staff of Lunarnet are present to help, and users are encouraged to seek help if there is a problem either with IRC as a whole or with a particular user or situation.


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