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Obsidian - CA:
Castleheck - US:

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NB 03/05/2011: Due to a recent botnet attack, we have removed ourselves from Mibbit's dropdown list. You can still connect via Mibbit, but will have to manually enter the server details by clicking the 'Server' link next to the dropdown box. Apologies for the inconvenience. Eraniss has temporarily closed port 6667. If you need to contact us as regards getting a ban removed, please email with your hostmask or IP address or the nick you tried to use.

Lunarnet is an IRC network primarily devoted towards RPGs and the enjoyment thereof. Type is not a concern; whether your penchant is freeform RP, strict forum RP, structured weekly games, or console and computer RPGs, we probably have a channel to suit. Alternatively, you could just hang around and talk to people.

We pride our network on providing friendly, reliable and above all informal service towards our users. Though a small network, this lack of sprawling size means that most users personally know at least one staff member and thus have a known face as a central point of contact with the staff.

13th Jan 2008: Due to hard drive corruption and backup failure, we have had to reset the services database to one from August 2006. Please re-register everything, and please let #lunarnet know in case of problems.
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Raiden -
RPGCafe -
Castleheck -
Eraniss -
Obsidian -

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